When trying to create shipments, this error occurs:

"Please enter no more than (XX) characters for (field)"

"XX" is the maximum number of characters, "field" is the name of the input field in the request to the DHL API.


Too many characters have been entered in the named input field. Therefore, DHL does not accept the shipment request.

The solution depends on the actual field. It can refer to sender information (shop) or receiver information (buyer).


Reduce the number of characters in the named field. DHL only accepts a certain number of characters per field.

Some examples:

  • Name1: First and last name
  • Name2: Company
  • streetName: Street (without house number)
  • streetNumber: House number
  • Note1: Bank reference for cash on delivery
  • Participation: Participation number for DHL

Additional field names are described in this article.