When creating shipments, the following error occurs:

Invalid XML: cvc-complex-type.2.4.e: "Shipment" darf maximal "50"-mal in der aktuellen Abfolge auftreten.

Dieser Grenzwert wurde überschritten. An dieser Stelle wird kein untergeordnetes Element erwartet.


This error occurs when too many shipments are transmitted to DHL at once. The DHL server only accepts up to 50 shipments in one single request. If this limit is exceeded, the DHL server responds with the above error message.

Solution 1

Correct any errors in the shipments in Magento (e.g. due to invalid addresses), so the queue of uncompleted orders does not become too long. You can filter for the DHL Label Status (crossed-out DHL icon or red icon) in the order overview.

Solution 2

Transmit fewer shipments in one go to DHL (up to 50 shipments), or execute the transmission more often (e.g. several times per day) if you have a very large shipment volume.