• The value "addressAddition" (second street line) is transmitted to DHL, which can be verified in the log.
  • However, the value is not printed onto the PDF Label.

Technical background

The DHL Webservice offers fewer address fields than Magento. At DHL, there is only a single field for the street. Magento however offers two fields in the checkout by default (up to four, depending on the configuration).

The value from the second address field is transmitted as "addressAddition" to DHL. This value is processed by DHL only for specific destination countries. E.g. for shipments to Austria the value is printed onto the label, but not for shipments to Germany.

This behavior of the DHL Webservices (API) cannot be changed through the Magento extension.


To make sure that additional values (e.g. floor number, apartment, post number) are always visible on the label, the Magento checkout field "Company" can be used. The value is mapped at DHL to the field "Name2" and is always processed. There is no validation, which means the customer can enter arbitrary data.

Recommendation: In the checkout template, change the label for the field "Company" to show that other information can be entered as well (floor number, apartment, post number, etc.)

You can also install the add-on DHL Location Finder to display additional fields in the checkout.

The second address line can be disabled here:

Configure number of address lines

Check if there are other systems or extensions which expect a second address line.