When trying to create labels, the error "Function ("createShipmentDD") is not a valid method for this service" is displayed.

Possible causes

  1. This could be a problem with the SOAP WSDL cache, especially if PHP has been updated recently. Flush the SOAP WSDL cache on the server. The location of the directory is defined in the php.ini, see soap.wsdl-cache-dir. Default: /tmp. If you don't have the necessary permissions for this, contact your hosting provider.
  2. The WSDL URL in the module configuration is not correct.
  3. An unsupported PHP version is used. Please note that you can only use PHP versions which are officially supported, see Magento System Requirements.
  4. This might also be a temporary service disruption at DHL. In that case, please try again a few hours later.