The following error message occurs:

"login failed"

German translation:

"Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen"


This means the DHL server has rejected the login credentials (username / password).

The login must be configured correctly, or the password might have to be renewed.

Login configuration for DHL Versenden (Business Customer Shipping)

  1. Create a special System User at DHL. The password for System Users will be valid for a longer time.
  2. Store the System User's name and password (signature) in the Magento configuration.
  3. Make absolutely sure to use the correct upper / lowercase for the username.

  4. If you encounter problems or the login does not work, check if there are additional DHL logins / sub-users.

  5. Note that the password will expire after some time (see also this article). This applies to System Users, too. The password must be renewed regularly at DHL. The validity period is defined by DHL.

Additional notes

Technically, it is possible to use the standard login data to the DHL Business Customer Portal in Magento, but the password will expire much quicker. Therefore it is strongly recommended to create a separate System User instead (see above), so the password has to be renewed less often.

If the login has worked for some time and now stopped working, please check this article: Why did the login credentials suddenly stop working?

If you get "login failed" after migrating from the Intraship module to the DHL Versenden module, you might not have a DHL Versenden (Business Customer Shipping) account yet. Get in touch with DHL and ask for a migration to DHL Versenden (Business Customer Shipping).