When creating shipping labels, this error occurs:

Street Number is a required value


The house number could not be detected automatically.

If the whitespace between street and house number is missing, the address cannot automatically be processed.


Correct the error in Magento using the "Edit" link next to the shipping address. Please note:

  1. In the top part of the address form, put street name and house number together in the same field.
  2. Further down in the form, enter street name and house number into separate fields.

The label can only be created if all fields are filled in correctly.

Correctly entered shipping address

If the DHL input fields are not displayed, read this article.

Technical background

When orders are imported into Magento from external systems (Amazon, ebay, Paypal etc.), the data is not always provided in a valid format. The DHL module tries to split street name and house number automatically, but this does not work if the whitespace is missing.

It is very difficult to prevent this problem programmatically, because lots of scenarios must be considered, e.g.

  • Street names containing numbers
  • Street names consisting only of a number
  • International addresses (e.g. house number before street name)
  • Additional information, like floor and apartment number (commonly used in Austria)
  • ... and many more