When trying to create DHL shipping labels, this error occurs:

Es handelt sich um eine ungültige Postleitzahl. Bitte verwenden Sie das Format 99999. Die eingegebene Adresse ist nicht leitcodierbar.

Translation to English:

The ZIP code is not valid. Please use the format 99999. The address is not codeable.


The ZIP code in the sender or the receiver address sent to DHL is either missing, invalid, or written incorrectly.


Check the sender address in the Magento configuration, and the receiver address in the order details. Validate the address yourself using a service like Google Maps or OpenStreetMap. Correct any mistakes.

The street address, ZIP code, and city must be valid and actually exist. Test-data will not work.

Remove any whitespaces before or after the street address, city, or ZIP code.

Hint: You can check the log file to see what information was actually sent to DHL.

If it still doesn't work

In rare cases, the address might be rejected even though it is 100% correct. This is not a bug in the Magento extension.

If this happens, please contact DHL directly. There might be an error in the address database at DHL.