Use the DHL Versenden extension for new installations.
Existing Intraship installations in Magento must be migrated to DHL Versenden.

Migrating from Intraship to DHL Versenden

If your DHL account runs with "Geschäftskundenversand (Business Customer Shipping)", AND you are using the DHL Versenden module in Magento (not Intraship), then you have nothing to do.

Otherwise, follow this checklist:


  • Read the official information from DHL.
  • Verify that your DHL account runs with "Geschäftskundenversand (Business Customer Shipping)". If you are not sure, contact
  • In Magento, all Intraship shipments must be finished completely. After the migration, the old Intraship labels cannot be opened anymore in Magento.
  • A complete backup of the shop and database is absolutely necessary.
  • The migration should be checked on a test-system first to resolve any problems and prevent disruptions of the production system.

Installation in Magento

Configuration and usage