Required information

  • You need a login to the DHL Business Customer Portal. Please log in there.
  • Open the section "Masterdata -> Contract positions". This contains your DHL billing numbers.

General configuration in Magento

  • Set the option "Sandbox" to "No".
  • Enter the first 10 digits of your billing number into the field "DHL Customer Number / EKP" as shown below (marked in red).
  • The first 10 digits are identical for all billing numbers in the Business Customer Portal.
  • To configure the API user and password, follow this article.

Enable DHL products in Magento

  • In the section "Participation Numbers", select the desired DHL product in the dropdown.
  • Enter the last 2 digits of the product's billing number into the field "Participation" (see below, marked in green).
  • Add more entry if needed, and repeat these steps for each DHL product which is enabled for you.

Configuration of EKP, procedure, and participation numbers in Magento

If it doesn't work

If you get the error message "Abrechnungsnummer steht nicht zur Verfügung", even though the configuration is correct: