How to set up EKP and participation numbers

Get your DHL billing numbers (14 digits). You can find them in the DHL Business Customer Portal, section "Masterdata -> Contract positions".

  • The first 10 digits are your EKP (DHL account number). Store these in the Magento module in section "Account data -> DHL Customer Number (EKP)".
  • The last 2 digits are the participation number. Save these last 2 digits in the section "Participation Numbers" at the DHL products (procedure).
  • The digits in between (11th and 12th digit) must be omitted. Do not store these in Magento!
  • Repeat these steps for each DHL product which is enabled for you.

Get contract data

  • The EKP in this example is 1234567890 (first 10 digits).
  • The participation number is 01 (last 2 digits).
  • The part in-between (in this example 53) must be omitted.

Store contract data in Magento

  • Store the EKP and the participation number from the contract data in the Magento configuration.
  • Make sure to only activate the DHL products (procedures) in Magento which are actually usable for you.
  • Use the correct username which has access to these participation numbers.
  • The screenshot shows Magento 1.x. The configuration works in the same way in Magento 2.

If it doesn't work

If you get the error message "Abrechnungsnummer steht nicht zur Verfügung", even though the configuration is correct, it means there is a problem with your DHL account. It is possible that some participation numbers are not enabled at DHL.

Please contact DHL and ask them to check and correct the settings in you DHL account.