The module DHL Location Finder allows selecting pickup locations (DHL Packstations, Post Offices, and Parcel Shops) in the checkout and using them as delivery addresses. For this, the module uses the DHL service Locationsearch API Europe (Standortsuche).

A similar functionality was included by the name "Packstation Finder" in the DHL Intraship module. Therefore, please do not install the Location Finder extension together with the Intraship module!

The new DHL Versenden (Shipping) module does not include the "Packstation Finder" feature anymore. For easy and convenient shipping to Packstations, Post Offices and Parcel Shops, the module DHL Location Finder can be installed additionally.

Synonymous names for the Location Finder are:

  • DHL Lieferadressen
  • Wunschpaket (Standorte)
  • Parcelshop Finder
  • Postfinder

Further information can also be found in the documentation for the module.